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Foresight & Ideation Support System


In the right dosage and well combined software support in innovation management can increase creativity, communication, and productivity.

Our browser-based solution PEACOQ aims at coping with huge amounts of information, making it usable and integrating people and their knowledge in the identification and assessment of developments & trends and generation of new ideas.

With three complementary and freely configurable modules PEACOQ supports data processing capacities, participation of various stakeholders and the effective integration of gained insights in new innovation activities.

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PEACOQ Scan enables automated simultaneous search in multiple open or protected Internet sources and the consistent structuring and display of information at a central point. Email notifications concerning new search hits and possibilities of sharing results and transferring them into innovation processes increases productivity in scouting and idea generation.


PEACOQ Monitor allows for collaborative recording and processing of information for the purpose of monitoring developments and trends and transferring gained insights into new activities. Configurable workflows und user and role management, rating mechanisms and visualizations enable the adaption of the tool to diverse requirements.


PEACOQ Create has its focus on the collaborative generation and refinement of ideas – either based on results from previous internal processes or in the context of internal or public idea competitions. Large campaigns can be managed with the tool as well as its integration in existing innovation processes.