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Services & Solutions

With our services and solutions, we holistically support innovation processes – from planning and idea generation up to the implementation phase. This includes the identification of developments and trends in competition, technology or consumer behaviour as well as deriving strategies and recommendations and enabling an organisation’s actors to realize innovation.


Innovation rarely happens in the “Ivory Tower”. Organizations depend on services & solutions, knowledge, or impulses from the outside world. We support innovation activities by scouting for technological developments & trends (Technology Intelligence), product- & service innovation on the market (Competitive Intelligence), as well as start-ups and experts.


Technology Intelligence

Through a network of scouts – experts in various technological fields and industries – we identify technological developments and trends of relevance to a certain organization or innovation activity/project.

We analyse and assess identified topics in a given context, derive its implications (opportunities or threats) and create a basis for decision making and further steps in the innovation process.


Competitive Intelligence

Our consultants with expertise in various industries – in particular Telecommunications & ICT, Automotive, Pharmaceuticals, and Manufacturing – identify competing products, services and solutions that have been announced or launched by third parties.

We define suitable benchmark criteria and enable decisions e.g. as regards product features, target markets, or pricing.


Start-up & Expert Scouting

Being highly involved in the entrepreneurial ecosystems in Europe, the US and the Middle East, our consultants and scouts are able to identify promising start-ups, talents or experts matching the needs of our customers.

Beyond our research and analysis, we are able to connect actors for purposes such as e.g. partnering, licencing, outsourcing, mergers & acquisition, consulting or hiring.

Innovation Platforms

Just like many other areas, innovation management has to cope with large amounts of information to be processed by various actors.

Our browser-based innovation platform PEACOQ supports identification and collection of all kinds of information, making it usable and involving persons and their knowledge in the identification, interpretation and processing for innovation purposes. Applications include e.g. Scouting (technologies, trends, market developments etc.) and the monitoring of such information, idea management and idea competitions, or due diligence activities.


Automated Search

Beyond search across data sets on our platforms, our Crawler enables automated search in open and secured Internet sources. Search frequency and keywords can be defined; results can be filtered and imported to the platform.

The system learns, structures information in a uniform way and notifies the user in defined intervals upon new search results. Thus, our solution eases regular search and processing of search results across many online sources.


Role- and Rights Management

For the integration of various internal or external actors in the innovation process, roles and user rights can be defined in such way that authorized users are able to see and use only relevant views and functions.

Not only is unauthorized access to information prevented, users are also saved from information overload and system complexity and can be efficiently involved in all processes. Users can register themselves or be created by admins.


Workflow Management

By means of status information and user role concepts, a flexible workflow can be defined in the system which reflects specific (innovation) processes. Any activity on the platform can be a trigger in the workflow, e.g. for tasks, the begin of another process step, or notifications.

Thus, the system enables structured tasks and processes, reacts flexible to changes in the process and enables the involvement of multiple actors that contribute to the process.

Concepts for Events and Education

Whenever it is required to prepare people for change and to take them on that journey we assist with suitable events and educational concepts where participation and shared experiences are in focus.


Future & Innovation Jams

Be it an internal corporate or a public innovation event – we inspire for new things to come and bring together innovators and their audience with creativity and inspirational elements.


Inspire & Play

In the context of specific topics and trends we invite experts and enable experiencing the backgrounds and implications of these topics in different scenarios.


Educational Gaming

Our gaming formats support understanding new requirements or paradigm shifts through simulation or role play, e.g. in the context of current topics such as Digitalisation or Agility.


Corporate Events

Bringing together stakeholders, e.g. partners, co-workers, investors, or management provides the opportunity to create joint experiences and enables personal contact and common understanding also in larger organisations.


Learning Journeys

We will take you on a journey to various stations where you and your team can be inspired and exchange ideas. We guide you from station to station with inspiring tasks and enhance your perspective for new learning impulses.


Empowering Team Workshops

Organisations change. Enthusiasm among every organisation member for such change is not obvious. In suitably designed workshops we give co-workers an open forum for understanding and active contribution to changes.